Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Boy! 1st year

So the year went by so fast my lil man has finally turn "One" I still cant believe it! He's been walking for the past month now and doesn't want to held anymore just wants to do things on his own. We celebrated Jovan's birthday on November 6th  four days after he was born November 2nd. We had family and friends come celebrate. He had a blast and loved all his presents he got. I had a lot of fun getting everything ready and making that day special. I love my munchkin.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well its been so long now that I haven't update anything here. So heres the UPDATE! We'll be married now for almost 4 months! Woah crazy! Doesn't even feel like it. Oscar and me are still working in the same old places. Jovans getting BIG! He's 11 1/2 months now! Almost that Big "1" day coming so we are planning all that. Oscar is still playing on his Soccer team in Payson and have gotten to the finals! So we will see what happens this sunday if they take the trophy or not.  He's also playing in indoor in Lindon and his team have lost all games except for one. Im still playing indoor in Lindon also we just started a new season and our first game we tied 7-7. Very fun. Jovans's Just growing and growing hes now 30 inches long and was 29lbs but he was sick two weeks ago and went down to 22lbs. He lost a lot but now hes eating everything he didn't that whole week. Halloween is coming up and already got his costume and very excited to but it on. He's taking steps but still doesn't get the concept of letting go and walking on his own, Still loves to drop and just start crawling. He says "Mama", "Dad" and claps, and points at the things he wants.  Theres a little update. I will be updating more often if I get the time. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bye bye CAHUA Hello.. MRS. PEREZ!

So we finally said "I Do" All our families went to Las Vegas,  Nevada and saw us get married in a chapel that Vegas has called "A Special Memory" hah!  So June 26th,  2010, We said "I Do" and heard the words  "You may kiss your bride!" AWESOME! Here are a couple pictures of a BILLION that they took. Post them up later.

Dasha Hessye Perez:)

Also Saturday July 10th, We are having our reception. So excited for that. Put more pics up after we get that day over with. As you might think, We are going crazy!

Wedding Invitations

So I am a Little late on this one.
I decided my colors to be Green & Purple. I was looking at all the invitations and I have to be so thankful that I have the most artistic sister ever! Yes, she made them. They are the best and just what I wanted. Also pictures on them were taken by my older brother James, Yes very photographer also. Thanks guys Love you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tying The Knot!

 And oh so very excited! Already picked a date, June 26th 2010 Will be our wedding and then July 10th will be our reception. Im so excited that I already found my dress! Already planning everything because its sooner then we think!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost 6 months!

So Jovan will be turning 6 months in a couple of days. It is so crazy that they grow so fast. So me and Oscar went to the store the other night because Jovan does not fit into his 6-9 month pj's anymore, and I also thought summer is coming and its getting hot for him to be wearing long sleeve pj's. So went to Babies R' Us, and looked at their pj's and all of them were long sleeve and then I came across the 12 -24 month pj's and said to Oscar will these fit him (12 month) and he said yeah and I just wasn't sure because I didn't think my lil man was that big to fit into 12 month clothes. So I bought it and went home gave him his bath put it on and it just fit him perfectly which means he is going to grow out of them in a couple weeks! Should of boughten him 18 month already. Haha. So back to the store in a couple weeks.

Yes, he wants to walk already! 

"No more kisses mom!"

Oh did I mention about a couple weeks ago me and Oscar decided to buy Jovan a walker just because it doesn't want to sit or crawl haha and wants to walk and be on both feet already.

So happy!

Arizona Vacation

So after my sister Danielle had her baby boy, I decided to go down to Arizona and visit her and the new nephew. So I took a day off work and went and visited. So we drove down and it was Jovan's first trip on the road so sitting in his car seat for a LONG time, but he did great! Gave him his bath before we left and he was knocked out till the next morning when we arrived. Once we arrived I met my new nephew Carter oh my gosh! Was Jovan that small before? I couldn't believe how tiny he was, I don't even remember Jovan being that small. Well we took our naps then we decided to go walk around the mall. Can you believe my sister just had given birth and she was up and ready to go to the mall with her new born CRAZY!  Anyways us girls (mom, danielle and me) went crazy when we saw the  CARTERS store which is baby clothes and we came out with only one thing each haha! I would of thought my money would be all gone, plus they were having a sale but I just bought Jovan some sandals and later found out that he lost one! So worth it. Got back to my sisters gave all the kids a bath and they were out and so was I. Next day my sisters Father and mother in law came to meet baby Carter and also he was going to have his blessing the next morning. It was very fun vacation I think I needed to stay a little bit longer, plus weather was AWESOME!!
In the morning when we arrived
I love her and miss her so much!
Jovan and Grandpa

No one punched her and gave her a black eye
she had a surgery a couple days before we got there.

Isn't he just adorable. He looks just like his mommy!